4 Minute Mile

International besetzte Alternative-Rock-Band aus Berlin, seit 2017


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Conceived in Berlin in 2017, 4 Minute Mile is a four-piece rock band made up of Irishmen, New Zealanders, and an Italian. Brought together through a shared love of rock music in all its shapes and colours, the band’s own music contains influences from Led Zeppelin to Bowie, through to 90’s grunge and beyond, creating and maintaining an aesthetic that is born as much in the songs themselves, as in their performance. The band has begun building a reputation for delivering high energy, sonically explosive shows, with front man and lead vocalist Simon Fagan at the helm.
With their debut EP ‘No Hurry’ released at the beginning for February, 4 Minute Mile are one of the bands to keep an eye on in 2018.


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