Eugene Rodin

Progressive Metal aus Frankfurt, seit 2013


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Eugene Rodin is an empirical experienced musician and a composer as well. Highly influenced by progressive metal Eugene’s solo-project demonstrates him as a constructive artist and shows his unique multisided talent. The project itself was founded in 2013 and started with the creation of the debut studio album “Sense Reconstruction”, which appeared same year. In summer 2016 came the EP „Trigger“ out, which has been mixed and mastered by David Bottrill (Tool, Muse ect.) and Ryan McCambridge. The shows with incredible energy, passion and spirit of adventure from an outstanding artist are promised.


Eugene Rodin

Sänger, Gitarrist

  1. 1 Trigger (Trigger, 2016)
  2. Mind Structure (Trigger, 2016)
  3. 3 Gods And Demons (Trigger, 2016)
  4. . Sense Reconstruction. Snipped (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  5. Dive (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  6. . Epidemic (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  7. . The Liars (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  8. Volume For... Pt. 1 (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  9. Creator (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  10. Level We Achieved (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  11. . Based On Me (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  12. The End Of Ignorance (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  13. How Sick Are You? (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  14. From The Point Of The Stars (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  15. Pulse (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  16. Sense Reconstruction (Sense Reconstruction, 2013)
  1. Eugene Rodin - Gods / Demons [Official Music Video]
  2. Eugene Rodin - Live # 2016 Museumsuferfest
  3. Eugene Rodin Live - Muse "Psycho" ending (MUF 2016)
  4. Eugene Rodin - Making Of "Trigger" (2016)
  5. Eugene Rodin - Making Of "Mind Structure" (2016)
  6. Eugene Rodin Interviewed by Olaf Mill at Frankfurt Musikmesse 2016
  7. Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 Eugene Rodin Frankfurt a.M., Deutschland
  8. Eugene Rodin. The Liars. Official video
  9. Eugene Rodin Live @ Hanauer Bürgerfest 2014. Trailer
  10. Eugene Rodin Live @ Museumsuferfest 2014. Trailer
  11. Eugene Rodin. Based On Me @ Hanauer Bürgerfest 2014
  12. Eugene Rodin. Sense Reconstruction
  13. Eugene Rodin. Wie die Band entstand...
  14. Eugene Rodin live at NewcomerTV
  15. Eugene Rodin. Epidemic @ Museumsuferfest 2014
  16. Eugene Rodin about Mesa Boogie: "Legend with a huge sound"
  17. Eugene Rodin about his Ibanez Guitar
  18. ESP Horizon: the rise of the machines. Story of Eugene Rodin
  19. Eugene Rodin. Making Of "Sense Reconstruction". Part 1
  20. Eugene Rodin. Making Of "Sense Reconstruction". Part 2
  21. Eugene Rodin. Making Of "Sense Reconstruction". Part 3
  22. Eugene Rodin. Making Of "Sense Reconstruction". Part 4
  23. Eugene Rodin. Making Of "Sense Reconstruction". Part 5 (final)
  24. Eugene Rodin interviewed by Promoportal-Germany, 2014
  25. Eugene Rodin interviewed at Musikmesse 2014 (Germany)
  26. Eugene Rodin als Gast bei "Olaf der Nachtbär", Radio X (Part 1)
  27. Eugene Rodin als Gast bei "Olaf der Nachtbär", Radio X (Part 2)
  28. Eugene Rodin als Gast bei "Rock'n'Call". VirusMusikRadio
  29. Eugene Rodin @ Bermudafunk Mannheim
  30. Eugene Rodin @ HT Bandcontest '15 (fan video)
  31. MusikMesse 2015: Eugene Rodin (HD)

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