Progressive Metalcore aus Bonn, seit 2000


Label: Noizgate Records

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WE ARE WOLF stands for passionate and modern Metal.
The quintet from Bonn has already played on many stages, from little clubs to big Festivals. Since the foundation in 2008, the five guys determined follow their own way. They don’t care abount trends, must-haves, do's and don’ts. Their music is about feelings and an attitude, which they want to present to the world. They are fueled by nothing but their pure passion for music.

After seven years full of touring, WE ARE WOLF released their second record “Oklahoma” in 2015. In the creative process they gave free reign to their ideas. “Oklahoma” is a collective’s work. Every band member contributed some of his influences. WE ARE WOLF wanted to take a step back from the Melodic Death Metal sound of their debut album "Aeons" and instead their m (...) Mehr anzeigenusic should become more diversified and harder to be labeled as a particular genre. The structure of the songs often breaks with the classic verse/chorus pattern and the listener has to point all of his attention to the music. Nevertheless the band never forgets to include catchy melodies, which get stuck in your head immediately. Crossing borders is what best describes the sound of “Oklahoma”. The title certainly hasn’t anything to do with the US federal state. “The title comes from our guitarist Felix and is a code word for ‘It’s enough’", explains singer René.

Music from the heart and not so much from the head, that is what WE ARE WOLF wants to offer. “Oklahoma” proves that they most definitely achieved their goal. Every fan of modern Metal can buy it without hesitation!

René Becker - Vocals
Andreas Lorenz - Guitar
Felix Becker - Guitar
Nico Ganser - Bass
Jan Grabolle - Drums

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René Becker

Sänger, Bandleader, Texter

Florian Umbreit



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